Increasing Your Certification From CNA To RN Online

If you are considering increasing your certification from CNA to RN online, you are actually in a very good position to do so. The requirements for most online RN programs require that students have specific knowledge and skills that can only be learned while actually working in a clinical setting. Lucky for you, CNAs have already accomplished these requirements through their training program and work. So, how do you become an RN online?

Enroll in any CNA programs while still working. When you completed your CNA certification in your state, you had to complete both a clinical program as well as pass your state’s certification exam which is a minimum requirement for most online RN programs. These programs require this because part of RN training includes supervised clinical training which you can accomplish through the work you are already doing as a CNA. In essence, your work becomes your clinical requirements for your RN program.

Work hard at your online classes. It is very helpful if you completed your CNA classes online because you already know what to expect from your RN program. In many cases, those who offer nursing career advice will tell you that starting with a CNA before going for the RN is a great idea because it lets you experience what it is to be a nurse before committing to two or more years of further education. Many times nursing aide classes also advise students to go this route as well.

Increasing Your Certification From CNA To RN OnlineWhile you are pursuing your nursing degree online, you can still work as a nursing aide which is a great way to keep your skills sharp while you work on your RN program. Most of your program will be more in-depth knowledge as well as theoretical information that helps RNs learn their more advanced skills. RNs also get to study a lot more about patient care and treatment decision making.

Moving from CNA to RN online is easy if you want to further your training and make the move to more advanced nursing work. There are many great online RN programs that specifically look for students who have already completed clinical work in a nursing setting and are certified. These students are much more likely to be successful in an online setting because they have the skills and drive necessary to become great RNs. If you are considering becoming an RN, you CNA certification gives you a great head start.

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