People often wonder what exactly the phrase accelerated nursing program means. If you analyse the phrase itself, you extract the words “accelerated” meaning to speed up and “nursing program” which translates to a “nursing course”. So put it all together, accelerated registered nurse nursing program means to speed up a nursing program.

Functionally, its a way to solve the problem of the nursing shortages in the United States and other countries. This will allow people to progress  through nursing school at a faster rate compared to the long course traditional nursing school usually lasting for 2-4 years.  This then adds to the number of nurses in the healthcare setting filling the demand faster as well.   In an accelerated program a student can finish his or her schooling within a one year period and will probably find work immediately.
accelerated nursing program
These faster nursing programs have being going on for a few years now and a number of schools (even online programs) have provided this opportunity for the interested individuals. These programs are the fastest way to earn a nursing degree and will lead to work immediately after graduating.  In the past 15 years, many accelerated BSN programs have been available all throughout the United States and also include online nurse practitioner programs. The medical field, as we all know, is one of the careers all over the world that is shown to have a consistent and expanding demand for employees. Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is becoming a popular field of nursing today because of the 12-18 months of educational training in comparison to the 2-4 year traditional BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree course.

Accelerated Nursing ProgramAdvancing or accelerating  nursing programs is but one of the ways to address the nursing shortage that is predicted to happen in the next decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 580,000 registered nurses will need to be replaced by 2018. One of the major causes for this shortage is the aging of health care workers at present. In the next decade or two, most of the present healthcare professionals will reach retirement and so the shortage is exacerbated. These accelerated  programs will create highly competent and well educated nurses at a faster pace. The programs are  also flexible for students who must also work while studying. Depending on the school or online program that they have enrolled in, the student can frequently choose a work/school schedule that is most convenient for them and will allow them to continue earning while studying to upgrade their license or degree..

Enrolling in a nursing course of this nature is a great way to help out with the lack of registered nurses in the medical field. It is also an excellent way for a person to acquire a degree in nursing in a 12-18 month period and find a job immediately. If you are are currently a licensed practical nurse or a certified nursing assistant and wish to pursue a nursing degree you can enroll in one of these programs.  Finding a program that best fits your needs requires some research and many online resources can help you do this.

There is a wonderful opportunity now for those interested in the field of medicine to enroll in a nursing program regardless that meets your career goals.   It is a great opportunity to help people interested in the medical field but with financial problems.   By pursuing these types nursing programs you can earn your degree and advance your career as soon as possible.


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