How can you get an online LPN certification? In order to qualify and be a LPN you must complete post secondary educational requirements. Once you have completed said requirements and earned your LPN certificate you can apply then apply for a job. If you have problems with your time you can complete at least part of the educational requirements online.

There are many colleges that offer online licensed practical nurse programs. So if you are interested here are some things you should take into consideration: how much spare time you have to study in an online LPN program. Additionally, you should be sure to look at cost to make sure it won’t put a huge sacrifice in your budget. Consider the prerequisites the program may have. Reliability of your internet connection.

There are two ways to find qualified online LPN programs: get a list of approved online programs from your State Board of Nursing and/or use online directory sites to locate a program,  and contacting your state board for approval of the program.

LPN to RN programs facts:

  • Online degrees through prestigious accredited universities
  • No classroom attendance required
  • No waiting lists
  • Academic success is guaranteed
  • Low cost with guaranteed financing
  • Learn at your place and your pace

Here are some helpful tips on how to get an online LPN certification:

  • If you attend LPN training full time you can get your LPN certification much more quickly
  • Make sure you attend an LPN program that is approved by the state.
  • Complete all class requirements.
  • Complete your hospital training.
  • Pass state licensing exams.


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