LPN job responsibilities includes providing basic patient health care and works under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses. They also provide services in different health care facilities such as private and public hospitals, offices of doctors, small health care settings, etc. In some other Countries and states they are also known as Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs).

We already have an idea on the job responsibility, how about the LPN salary? According to Salary.com surveys, the salary range is roughly $31,496 to $43,323 annually. It will depend much on some factors like job experience and location.

LPN job description is to carry out information collection from patients to be admitted. This includes medical records and insurance details and pre treatment formalities. She also records health details of patients, take vital signs and prepare them for possible medical examinations.

LPN Job ResponsibilitiesHere are some facts and advantages of a LPN to RN programs that you can also take advantage of.

  1. Online degrees through prestigious accredited universities
  2. No classroom attendance required
  3. No waiting lists – start right away
  4. Academic success is guaranteed for the TCN portion
  5. Low cost with guaranteed financing
  6. Learn at your place and your pace

Once again as mentioned earlier in the LPN job description their tasks are crucial and to be confident with all of these, one has to blend a learning format that includes college equivalency testing plus online coursework through accredited university partners. Research online now!


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