The online LPN to RN nursing programs has three benefits. First, there is an increase salary potential because registered nurses earn more than LPN’s.  Second is the flexibility, registered nurses can work in a wide range of health care settings. Third is the advancement. If you are presently an LPN, this program will put you in a good position to move up the ladder to higher levels of nursing.

Online nursing RN is a program which supports to help the so called backbone of the healthcare work force, registered Nurses encompass a great deal of people who complete a great deal of duties on a daily basis. There are over 3 Million nurses in America. If you are considering a career in nursing they should achieve an RN certification to have a decent living and have many job options in their career.

Online LPN to RN is a very supportive program for LPN’s because according to a study done by the U.S. Bureau of Health Professions indicates that by 2020, the U.S. nursing shortage will grow to more than 1.7 million registered nurses, while less than 635,000 will be available.

LPN to RN programs is being offered and a lot of LPN’s are interested for  the U.S. Department of Labor has identified Registered Nursing as the top occupation in terms of job growth through the year 2012!

Thankfully, online LPN to RN nursing programs are here for those LPN’s who are seeking to further their nursing education.


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