Does it really make much of a difference which lpn rn nursing schools you went to? Do these schools have the same standards and deliver enough training that will equip you to become full pledged registered nurse. These are questions that are commonly asked by people when they enroll in LPN LVN schools. It is truly great questions but the answer really depends.

When getting a job as a registered nurse most (but not all) companies will not care what state you went to school in or got your degree in and what LPN to RN schools you graduated from. What is important to most colleges is that you pass the state boards or NCLEX and licensed to be a state LPN. This theory applies to most schools but not to all.

There are some companies who will not hire you if you took your LPN to RN programs in a school which is not accredited by the NLNAC and some other national and state board. Truth of the matter is most schools do not have these types of accreditation. This ensures that the school you enroll in meets the standards. Standards which can help you become better as a nurse.

LPN RN nursing schools can indeed lead you to a better opportunities and better jobs. To answer those questions earlier – it can be a yes or a no. What you can do is ask and opt for a school that has the accreditation needed. Again, I think you’d be better safe than sorry.


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