What are LPN LVN schools? These stand for Licensed Practical Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurse. What do these schools do? These LVN / LPN schools will teach and show you how you can provide direct care while under the directions of registered nurses or doctors.

Most LPN to RN schools will give you lessons and offer intensive lectures on beside care. Some of these include measuring and recording vital signs, injecting patients with their medication and caring for the wounds.  Some schools which offer LPN to RN programs will give you even more exposure to more serious cases, like assisting in surgeries in the operating room or assisting in child birth in the delivery room. You will often be asked to go to hospitals for volunteer work or on clinical exposures.

LPN LVN schools can open so many doors of opportunities for you. You will not only have a job where you did not have to spend 4 – 5 years in school for, you get a job that helps people every day. You get well paced instruction specially designed to teach you all the thing you need to know. Try and do everything the best you can and that lpn to rn programs degree will soon be yours.


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